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alinagreiitame asked 4 years ago

I’ve had a Discover Motiva card for several years and it is still at $ 1700.  I’ve tried for limit increases but have been denied each time.  I’ve been offered balance transfers, which I took advantage of a couple of times.  Last night I decided to go to the Discover chat to ask how I could improve on my account so that I could qualify for increases since I suspect that they just aren’t giving increases on the Motiva.


I was told that they couldn’t give credit improvement info in chat but that I could convert to the Discover It card.  So, I agreed and they put it through without a problem, saying that it would take effect on April 25. 


My question is–could the conversion possibly give me a higher credit line?  I have paid on time and often much more than the minimums for years.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  My FICO, supplied by Discover, is 621.  Thanks in advance!


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