Discover or barclays question…

Discover or barclays question…Discover or barclays question…
exejoir asked 4 years ago

Hey,  Just received an increase on My Cap1 extra 3k? was putting all the spend and payments could last month. So it worked, helping me get a better increase. 


My question is, should I use Discover it or Barclays for most everything. Which card do you think I’ll have the best luck of a Increase first? 


Both opened at same time, September 23rd this year. My limits are small on these cards. 


Discover; $ 1200

Barclays ;$ 1000 


So I wanna push as much mas I can on one of these. 


Which one? 


Both I think use Tu for increases. Score is 658



Thanks for your opinion! 




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