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Discover Joint AccountDiscover Joint Account
Terrykiz asked 4 years ago

Hi all-


i got my Discover card in October 2013, and it was my first credit card. I had to make it a joint account with my dad because I signed up before I had a job. Normally, I would have no issue with this, but the situation is pretty bad with CLIs. The concensus seems to be that they will not do CLIs on joint accounts with a SP- only a double HP. That was the case when they raised my CL from $ 500 to $ 1250 last year. The concensus also seems to be that you can’t drop a cosigner from an account without closing it completely, and that’s the answer I got from two different Discover reps.


Now, $ 1250 is completely usable, at least for the time being. However, my credit situation is much better than it was even when I got my CLI from Discover; I know I can get something better. If I’m going to have to waste a HP, I might as well open a new account, but my AAoA would take a huge hit from that.


Does anybody have experience with this sort of situation with Discover? Is there any way at all for anybody there to remove a cosigner from my account, or maybe backdate a new account on my CR? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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