Discover It secured or to the garden?

Discover It secured or to the garden?Discover It secured or to the garden?
divanTarma asked 4 years ago

Greetings All! Been lurking here for a few months and currently rebuilding. Within the last month I approved for a Cap1 Plat Secured and Cap1 QS1. I am currently working on a pay-for-delete Cap1 CO from 2010. I’m wondering, do I get the Discover IT secured now then go to the garden with all three cards and wait for baddies to fall off, and hope that Discover converts to unsecured…or do I forgo the Discover and garden the two Cap1 cards? FAKO is ~607 according to CK and FICO went from 643 to 629 with the two new inq. Thank you in advance!


My target score is >700

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