Discover is confusing me on APR

Discover is confusing me on APRDiscover is confusing me on APR
Daursessy asked 5 years ago

Currently, my Discover is at 10.99% Purchase APR. I am looking to get 0% PROMO APR which they provide for a limited time period of 6 or 12 months. So whenever I ask (probably 4 time now), Discover to offer me this 0% PROMO APR, they always come back with “At this time, because you already have the lowest APR that your account is eligible for, we are unable to lower your rate further” – I am not asking them to reduce my APR permanently; but I am asking to offer me 0% APR as a Promotion for limited time. My understanding is that Promotion are offered irrespective of your current APR rate. I am confused why are they telling me that they cannot lower my rate further?

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