Discover Cli Information

Discover Cli InformationDiscover Cli Information
ubeposapes asked 4 years ago

So there is lots of info on the forums that the discover cli is from a soft pull. I don’t know if it’s just me but I assumed a soft pull would be done at the time of the CLI request. Wrong. The score they use is from the FICO you get every month.

I learned this by waiting on pins and needles for my TU to be as high as possible, currently around a 690(didn’t pull 3bureau on cct yet) and when I called for info about the decline, they cited high balance on cards. In reality I’m currently at 6% overall uti. The score I get free each month is something like 60%. I found a paper of an app a few months ago for a higher cli, it also cited a former score from nearly a month prior. 


Luckily for me it’s only 7 days until discover pulls my score and I’ll ‘re-app for cli then, but just incase anyone else was curious, its definitely not a live pull of transunion. 

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