Disappointed no Barclay Aviator 6 month CLI

Disappointed no Barclay Aviator 6 month CLIDisappointed no Barclay Aviator 6 month CLI
NetMiner007 asked 5 years ago

I just hit the 6 month mark with my US Air / Red Aviator account, the statement posted online today and no auto CLI.


Had to move $ 5k from my Arrival + to get it opened in the first place, but my Barclays history is excellent. I spent just under a year paying down an $ 8k balance that was at 0% on the Arrival, credit score per their TU is 793, income over $ 100k and I’ve been putting about $ 3.5k a month through the Aviator for the past few months and paying in full so I was expecting a little bump to be honest.


Think I will close my Arrival before the fee hits at the end of the month and move all the CL over to the Aviator. Not sure if I can justify keeping the Arrival with the no-AF Discover now netting at least 2%. Would probably rather use that AF on upgrading the Red to Silver Aviator as I book a lot of AA flights so would be good for the 3x, which currently goes to the PRG.


Only thing holding me back is my Arrival was really useful in Europe, and with true chip & pin it was accepted at a lot of places that my other EMV cards weren’t, even the Aviator.

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