Diner’s Club Closed Account & Now Charge off

Diner’s Club Closed Account & Now Charge offDiner’s Club Closed Account & Now Charge off
pavingTarma asked 4 years ago

Hey Fellow Members,


Long time no post, life and work gets in the way sometimes. However, I believe I have a unique situation and looking for a little adivce.


I had the Diner’s Club card in the big rush and had a $ 25k limit. I used the card faithfully and paid it off each month no matter the charges. Basically used it as a working capital card for my business. This went along just fine until about August of last year suddenly my card stopped working after I paid it down from $ 25k to $ 15k. I called in and went from front line to credit review and was told that due to changes in my credit, they lowered my credit line to $ 15k. I asked for the reasoning as my DTI was low, my taxes showed more income from the previous year, and in fact my Transunion score has gone up about 97 points from when I first applied. There was no reasoning with this man and I really didn’t care and figured I would address it at a later time. Card was reactivated, no big deal, or so I thought,


About 45 days later the card again stopped working and I again called in. Same process except for this time I was told the account would closed based on the same info I was told before. I basically said fine and continued to make payments.


Suddenly, about four weeks ago I get an alert that my CR was updated and I log in to see the account pop up on TU as account closed at consumers request. Now, mind you that in the total time I was a DC holder, my account would randomly lock out, statements wouldn’t issue, autopay would say it went thru but didn’t or just plain would not work. I would then have to login and pay, if I wasn’t currently locked out, or call in pay, get unlocked, etc. Not only that, I found out they have been calling the wrong number as what they had on file for me was incorrect.


So I call in and the front line people don’t see anything. Mid-March, I get a physical statement saying a $ 2,200.00 minimum payment is due. I call in and get no help and get transferred to a default department. Nothing. Then I get a letter from the exact person in the default department saying they are concerned and to give them call to help. I call, and the person’s VM says don’t leave a msg on this line, instead, call a different number in which the 1st line default people who again couldn’t help and then transferred me to the same original default person in the letter. I explain all of the above in which she says, oh, look here, it appears to have been charged off, I will update your account with the notes, but here is our collection agency/dept number.


I do not call, thinking it is now best to keep things in writing and just wait for the eventual demand letter. Two days ago, I get the demand letter for $ 16k. Basically the $ 14.5k  I owed and fees + interest tacked on. Then, this morning, I get a random, one off email from Diner’s Club stating my new statement and my minimum payment is due. I click the link, it takes me right back into my account and says my minimum payment of $ 297.00 is due by the end of this month. I mean, **bleep**.


Something is not right here and somewhere along the way payments stopped crediting, missed statments, wrong numbers. I looked at the account that handles my autopays and it appears they just stopped, despite being a BMO Harris account. All the ones I called in for went just fine. The only thing I can think of is that in my traveling for the past 6 months, I missed something and assumed because of no collection calls, letters, etc, things were humming along just fine, which is totally on me. I was on top of it as much as I could be, but this escalated rather quickly and I cannot help but think something with what I outlined above played into this.


Any thoughts? Questions? Advice? Before I send a dispute letter out to DC and their collection arm?





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