Did GW fix the right date for me?

Did GW fix the right date for me?Did GW fix the right date for me?
Bsaiierapi asked 5 years ago

I thought I had a semi-successful GW, until I saw the score drop and realized I may have done more harm. Need some advice from all of you.


Here’s the story:

This is an account that I had from 2011-2012. I made all my payments via auto-pay, but when I delete my account in 04/2012, it appears that the auto-pay was deleted and the statement was sent to my old address. When I checked my credit score in 2013, I found this, and paid in full to the original creditor. However, as a result my TL got 12 “failed-to-pay” remarks on it as a result. 


Fast forward to 2015, I called the company up and asked if they can remove the TL. Instead, they offered to remove all but 1 late payments from my TL, and leave me with just 1 “failed to pay”. I thought this would be a net-win, after all – it’s a matter of having 1 vs 12 late/”failed-to-pay”. But guess what – my score dropped 5 points after the 11 other “failed to pay” were added! I think this is the culprit: the “last late payment date” is now updated to 2013, which was the date I paid in full. Previously it was backdated to the first late payment in 2012.


Mighty rebuilding forum – Is there anything I should do now, e.g. ask them to backdate it to 2012? Any idea why removing the late payments didn’t do anything here? 




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