Denied for Credit

Denied for CreditDenied for Credit
Williekek asked 4 years ago

Hi All,


I recently applied for a Jared Jewelry Credit Card.  The credit is supposed to be easy to obtain, even with a credit score in the 500’s.


My credit score is currently 600.  I was denied at the store.  The reason wasn’t for my credit score, but it was because I have 3 open negative collections accounts.


1.  Hospital Bill ($ 1100).  I paid this off to the collection company in November 2015.  I called them yesterday and they told me in November that they sent a letter to delete to all 3 credit bureaus.  Only 1 of the bureaus deleted it.  I asked them to send me the letter via fax.  I now have the letter.


2.  Comcast ($ 250).  This was not on my credit report per myFICO when I ran it 3 months ago.  Now all of the sudden it is on my Equifax report with an assigned date of October 2014!!!  I was dumbfounded.  I called Comcast yesterday and pleaded my case that I have never had an account with them.  They verified this over the phone and sent a letter to the local office which I am going to pick up today.


3.  Medical Bill ($ 260)  I am paying this off tomorrow.  I am hoping to obtain a letter via fax from them as well.


My question is, with these letters, can i contact Equifax and have them change my accounts so they show PAID at least?  I am not worreid about them deleting them right away, I just need them to show PAID as a status, so I can get this card.  I am preparing to purchase an engagement ring that I need by May, so I cannot wait 60-90 days for the status to change.  I am curious if I can contact Equifax and take care of it myself with the documents.


Please, any thoughts are helpful.


Thank you,



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