Deleted Collections

Deleted CollectionsDeleted Collections
Warrenseene asked 4 years ago

A month a go I stumbled upon this forum and did some reading. After feeling confident enough I decided to tackle my credit problems.


I pulled a free credit report from all bureaus and saw 13 collections, give or take a few totaling about 18k. Transunion mainly.


 I sent each CRA a letter asking to remove all names and addresses, spouses, phone numbers, and employers that were reporting that did not match what accompanied the letter.

Equifax deleted all old adresses and names and removed employers and phone numbers.

Transunion deleted 5 residential addresses, all former names and former spouse no number listed.

Experian did not delete any names or address being that they are associated with accounts or somethinglike that


I then disputed the collections I had with each bureau. (I pulled my credit scores yesterday 12/30) MyFico: EX : 509 TU: 535 EQ: 526

Between 12/29 and 1231 I recieved the confirmation for my disputes on the collections:


TU: Originally 13 Collections : 11 Deleted 2 updated  (1231)

Experian: 9 Collections: 6 Deleted 3 Updated (1231)

Equifax: 10 collections: 6 deleted  4 updated (1231)



I have two credit cards that are yet to report to the CRA. Capitol on Secured 300 and Credit one 500 Unsecured. I keep Capitol one utilization at 15% and a zero balance with Credit one. (I havent had a credit card in over two years.)


Since most of the collections were deleted and with the two credit cards soon to report could I expect a massive point increase? or would it still not matter since  there are still collections that are unpaid. I will pay the rest off between jan and march.




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