Debt past SOL but froze my account?

Debt past SOL but froze my account?Debt past SOL but froze my account?
BorisDom asked 4 years ago

Hi there,


I had an old capital one account from 10 years ago file a judgement against me and clearly they won, because my bank account is now frozen. I never recieved notice of this judgement, I believe it went to my Mother’s house and if she said she has never signed for it. I’m not sure how to prove that though.


However, I asked when I defaulted on this and they told me 2008. The SOL in NJ is 6 years, so how is it possible that they were able to come after me for this? Is there anything I can do to get them to unfreeze my bank account? When I called the office who is handling this, they told me that the SOL can be extended for legal matters. Not that I trust debt collectors, but I also find it strange that a judge would push through a debt that is past the SOL.


Should I file a notice to vacate judgement? Unsure of where to go from here. 

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