Debt Collection February 2012

Debt Collection February 2012Debt Collection February 2012
richeventtula asked 5 years ago

Ok, so I have Consumer disputes this account information Medical on my Equifax account even though I disputed both EQ and EX.  It is a charge from February 2012.  There was never a claim that was filed to my insurance company and no one in my family ever saw this physician so I have no idea how to prove that.  The charge is for $ 25.00 and Oklahoma has a 2 year limit on small debt collections.  Do I ask for the dispute to be removed?

Lets Play Animal Crossing City Folk Day 9: Goodbye Mortgage…For Now

Michael Flores replied 5 years ago

Tipper is kwings nemeses

screen start replied 5 years ago

Guys I have to pay off 540,000 bells! This is nothing!

sonicrulez92 replied 5 years ago

Are you gonna do an Animal Crossing: New Leaf playthrough??
I know you never finished this one but maybe you can do a short ACNL one?

Also my town in ACNL is called Veridian. (all my friends named their towns
after pokemon cities)
I have Camofrog(BFF currently) Walt, Sparro, Marina, Deidre, Bree, Kyle,
and Drago.
Besides Camofrog and Sparro,I hate all of them :DDDD

elvis Sharpe replied 5 years ago

My animal crossing city folk says I do not have a fc yet how do you get a
freind code

hannah long replied 5 years ago

Ive paid my first loan 3 days ago my roof is pink in my town i have Fang
(fox), Kody (bear), Ruby and Carmen (rabbits), Walker and Butch (dogs) and
Bud (lion) my town is called Rosewood as well :)

Marquel Maurice replied 5 years ago

Green hair you can get

Alex Beaton replied 5 years ago

Lil bros mustache doesn’t exist

darling dani replied 5 years ago

You’ll get snowman furnture in mail :)

Jason Bjelde replied 5 years ago

Every time I watch these I can’t stand when you go for the money rock.
You’re missing out on the biggest profit by digging three holes. You only
need two holes. Otherwise you won’t get all of the money.

Kitty Kat Bella replied 5 years ago

The first snowman I ever built said he was PERFECT!!!!!

darling dani replied 5 years ago

Red!Color of blood! 😀

p.s i’m on my sisters user

Grace Bury replied 5 years ago

I hate lobo!

Kitty Kat Bella replied 5 years ago

I paid off my first lone entirely on my second day!

Grace Bury replied 5 years ago

pink and the rocksters choose;)

Isabella Li replied 5 years ago

if there is a yellow bird on the notice board, it means there is a new note
on the board!

Grace Bury replied 5 years ago

an ART

JacobAsAlways replied 5 years ago

@Relax4aDay I know, the white hair made me look so weird…And I would
never say goodbye! I LOVE THIS SOOO MUCH 😀

ApocolypticNintendo152 replied 5 years ago

i love aurora limberg and igglyi like tabby nate and olivia,i feel meh
about gladys and i dislike yuka and patty

JacobAsAlways replied 5 years ago

@axman141 I didn’t know, thanks for the information 😀

De'Nella blackthorn replied 5 years ago

Purple or Pink… Ima guy

Holly Reynolds replied 5 years ago

you know you dont need to fill in holes. they fill in themselves every day

JacobAsAlways replied 5 years ago

@eckisawesome1 Can I mail fish!?! I don’t think so, but I wish I
could…but thank you for the tip 😀 I appreciate it!

Sean Bonney replied 5 years ago

If anyone asks for a catchphrase do coo because you love brewster so much

JacobAsAlways replied 5 years ago

@pokeaimMD I cannot what either, it should be a blast 😀

TM Romance replied 5 years ago

3:57 Even Pelly/Pamela is clapping for you! 😀 16:55 So cute~

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