DCU Approval.. Now I need your help.

DCU Approval.. Now I need your help.DCU Approval.. Now I need your help.
Hectorrep asked 5 years ago

I was just approved membership with DCU. I opened it up with the savings and a $ 500 CD. Now I am wondering if I should apply for the CC or just wait. What are your thoughts?

Credit Karma’s Credit Report Card

lovebug414 on aj replied 5 years ago

you know what guys don’t try credit karma it doesn’t work I tried it AND IT
DOES ASK FOR YOUR CREDID CARD INFO OKAY well just saying don’t trust them
it is not just an email and a name it need a lot of info!!!!!! okay thx
search me up lovebug414 on aj

darnta17 replied 5 years ago

How may I get a print out of my credit data

Cynthia Davis replied 5 years ago

I’m having a hard time into this site

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