DCM Services – Collections for Deceased

DCM Services – Collections for DeceasedDCM Services – Collections for Deceased
Edwardkig asked 3 years ago

My mother passed away last August. My father never did any of the finances so I am handling them for him. We are in California (community property state). Two of her credit cards were with Sam’s Club. One had a balance of $ 150 and another for $ 1450. When I contacted Sam’s Club (Synchrony) about her passing, they closed the accounts and reported them to the agencies as closed and “paid as agreed” with no balance. This is also what is shown on their credit reports. However, we are now being contacted by a collection company called DCM Services and they want to know who is the person responsible for paying her debt for these accounts that are being reported as paid? Anyone ever dealt with something like this?  Thanks!

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