Daughter’s Wedding! Which card??

Daughter’s Wedding! Which card??Daughter’s Wedding! Which card??
richeventtver asked 3 years ago

Hi all!  Happy to announce my daughter’s upcoming wedding in October that I am footing the bill for Smiley Happy   She is budget conscious so hopefully she won’t hurt me too bad ! 


I am thinking about using the opportunity to apply for a new card…just not sure which one.  I will be in a great position to meet spend requirements and that is what got me to thinking perhaps a new card would be a good idea. 


I currently have a CAP ONE prequalification for QS and Venture with an 18.24 % APR.   I already have a Venture and a QS1 that was PC’D from a rebuilder Platinum.


The lowest APR card I currently have is a 14.24 %  NFCU Go Rewards. It was originally an nRewards but I received an automatic upgrade to the GO Rewards last month.  I would really like to have something with a 0% introductory period. 


Chase and Citi are off limits for me I think.  Old charge off with Chase and they have the memory of an elephant, and Citi just doesn’t “like” me, lol.


I recently paid off some balances so looking for upward movement in my scores.  EQ and EQ are my weakest links but hoping to see about 680 plus on them.  TU is my clean report and my current score is 756.  Which of course has me thinking Barclays…..


Any advice is welcome.  There may be something I am missing and I appreciate the help!

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