AshleyHaumn asked 4 years ago

Hi. in 2006 I moved from the USA to Canada- and 2 months ago I moved back to the USA- prior to moving I signed up for Credit Karma (which I understand isn’t an exact Fico score because it’s a fako score?) there is an address listed on my credit file along with collection accounts opened in 2009 (well after I was living in Canada) I went through to ‘dispute’ online but couldn’t because I haven’t had a US address for more than 2 years-I called Equifax to see about filing a dispute with them in ‘real time’ and found I could- I guess now I wait 30 days? what proof do I need to show that I wasn’t here? 


in moving back to the US and rebuilding my credit I have 3 cap one cards (quicksilver, journey, and a platinum- none are secured)

I applied for ‘care credit’ at our veterinary office on Friday (dog got quite ill) and was denied and referenced a transunion score of 567 which seems like a vast difference from 643!


will having these collection accounts/accounts/false address removed help any?


CK has my TU score at 643 and EQ at 640.



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