CSP approval with 611 EQ score!?

CSP approval with 611 EQ score!?CSP approval with 611 EQ score!?
NikkiTut asked 5 years ago

Hi, everyone.


So I applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred and was given the 7-10 day message via the phone status line. I waited a few days and decided to call the backdoor number to check on the status of the app, the representative told me that the app was denied due to too many recent inquiries. I asked her to reconsider and after putting me on hold for about 2 mins she came back on the line and said that she found enough positives on my credit report to push the recon through but that she’d have to pass me to another representative to confirm some info with me before they could approve it. Anyway, I was ultimately approved for $ 5k starting line.


Yesterday I received the denial letter that they sent prior to the recon approval and it states that my credit score they pulled through Equifax is 611! But according to myfico my scores are 690 across the board. Does anyone know why or how they got 611? It just seems so far off.

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