CSP 5 Card Rule – does AU count?

CSP 5 Card Rule – does AU count?CSP 5 Card Rule – does AU count?
JosephImips asked 5 years ago

I have 5 new cards in the last 24 months but two I am an AU on, not primary cardholder. I just got a Freedom and want to get a CSP some point soon. I burned Chase in a BK in 2003. I got an Amazon Visa with them in 2013 with a 4k limit, the Freedom I just got in June is a 5K limit. My other new cards have been 15k or higher and I am worried 1) Chase still has the BK as part of their internal scoring and will decline me and the 5 card limit tipping the scale /or 2) Chase will give me a small limit on the CSP and as many can attest your starting limit can be your limit for life with Chase.
Any input on the 5 cards rule and how new AU cards play in it, and if the BK in 2003 will even disappear from Chase’s calculus about me. FWIW i have never been late on either the Amazon or Freedom and with the Freedom have been putting through 3K the past two months and PIF. Thanks!

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