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subzopokatuff asked 4 years ago

Hello thanks to anyone who takes their time to read this. I will start with some demographics, I am a young male early twenties, with a wife and two daughters. Currently I am employed in emergency services, and wish to fulfill my career in this field. I am in college full time, as well as working a full schedule. Once I compete my coursework through the Paramedic program I would like to buy my first home for my family, this is about 2 1/2 years out, here is my dilemma. I currently have a score of 495 ( according to this site) but not much debt, less than $ 3000 total debt. I have 4 charge off accounts, 1 cell phone bill with Verizon, and I believe thats it. where would it be best to start? Do you need more info on my situation? thanks in advance!

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