Credit Inquiries and 3B report??

Credit Inquiries and 3B report??Credit Inquiries and 3B report??
Neila asked 4 years ago

Ok, so I am rather confused on the number of inquiries that myfico is reporting.  From the dashboard, if i click on reports and then inquiries, there are all the inquiries from the past 12 months, so I count them and get a total ( EQ 10, TU 11, EX 11).  However, from the dashboard if i click on Scores, then “amount of new credit” it tells you your most recent iquiries and total inquiries ( EQ 8, TU 4, EX 7) all less than the ones I hand counted.  Even if I group the auto loan inquiries as 1, the total is still off.  Anybody experience this?

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