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Kandis Hay asked 5 years ago

Hi All,


I’d like to better understand the Credit Freeze concept. I realize that when it is in place it does not allow anyone (but existing creditors) to read from my credit file. What about the write access? Does it stop new/existing creditors from placing a hard inquiry? Does it affect the ability of any existing creditors to report changes to my acounts such as credit limit increases? If a new creditor opens an account for me without pulling the credit report, would a freeze prevent them from reporting that new account?


Thanks for your replies!

How Do You Remove a Hard Inquiry From Your Credit Report? – Credit Karma Answers

Credit Karma replied 5 years ago

Hi +Letty-Rebecca Flores, a credit check for a cell phone is often a hard
inquiry. It sounds like the person who helped you may not have been aware
of that. We have a handy chart of when it counts as a hard or soft inquiry:

Kim Buzzelli replied 5 years ago

I checked my credit report just now & found that there was a hard inquiry
made on Jan. 29, 2015. It was for a credit card/airline I never applied
for this type of card, can someone please tell me what to do next to have
this removed from my report? Also went through bankruptcy & was
dis-charged in 2010, how long before this comes off of my report? Thank
You for any information you can provide.

J Doroba replied 5 years ago

My credit score dropped a good amount and I have no idea why. I have no
late or missed payments on my cards. So I don’t understand why the sudden

Andrew Fehler replied 5 years ago

I applied for a car loan through a dealership, and got a great loan through
one of their credit unions. However, now I see that there are 4 hard
inquiries on my report for various banks and credit unions on the same day.
I thought that multiple inquiries for the same loan at the same time would
only count once. Can I get the other inquiries removed?

MAME53 replied 5 years ago

I went to a car dealer and they ran 3 checks in one day to 3 different
agencies. I never gave permission because I did not decide on a vehicle. I
kept refusing stating I would not allow the check until I knew what the
payments would be. Then I got an approval and declined the loan which I
never authorized in the first place. I called the bank who approved it and
told them I did not authorize the loan. They said as soon as you give your
name and address, you are “essentially” authorizing them to check your
credit.The salesperson kept saying he would not run a check until I said it
was ok. What can I do ?

Letty-Rebecca Flores replied 5 years ago

Question: What if you specifically ask whether the credit check will be
soft or hard & they tell you it’s a soft inquiry, but it ends up being a
hard inquiry? I went into Tmobile to check out their plans etc.. & wanted
to see what a new phone would cost me. Had i known it was a hard inquiry I
would have never authorized the credit check. I didn’t end up buying
anything because I was just browsing. Is there any way to dispute that?? 

TheSarahdm1987 replied 5 years ago

I applied for a credit card online and at the end, the website kept loading
forever and eventually said there was a technical issue, and I needed to
apply again. I never got any email saying it went through, so I applied
again and it worked the second time. I was sent one confirmation email
saying I was approved, then another saying they mailed the card. Now about
a week later, I got another email saying they mailed another card! So now I
find out they opened two accounts! I called to close the second one and
they said I would need to try to get the inquiry removed myself.
Technically I authorized it because I was applying a second time. Could I
get the second inquiry removed? I’m so frustrated by this! 

J Mitey replied 5 years ago

In an effort to transfer the balance owed to a credit card company I
attempted to transfer, ($0 transfer fee), the balance to a different credit
card company that was interest free for 15 months. I was refused 4 times,
but accepted the 5th time. All of these were with the same credit card
company. So now my balance was transferred at no cost and I’m paying off
the new card which is NOT charging interest.
This successful effort to reduce my financial picture has caused 4 hard
inquiries on my Trans-union credit report, lowering the score. Is there any
way that I can get them removed, or at least a couple of them? They are
all the same thing.

Kim Buzzelli replied 5 years ago

ps: I don’t have a “working” speaker system on my computer so the video
won’t help

bill2526 bill2526 replied 5 years ago

She is full of crap I just got 7 removed..

James Chabek replied 5 years ago

What if you were awarded credit. Should the hard inquiry still be there?
Seems like if a lender checked you credit and gave you credit then you
shouldn’t suffer a mark for having good credit… 

Jamiel Cotman replied 5 years ago

So I’ll have to wait to years for it to not effect my score too, or does
the wait just apply to it being removed from the report?

kivigray0423 replied 5 years ago

Hi, I refinanced my car loan at a lower APR, so the initial loan and
inquiries should be removed. How do I get this off?


Joseph Ash replied 5 years ago

An auto sales co. advertised a certain deal on their auto. I went to check
it out and it was a scam. I didn’t ask them to run a credit check on me.
They didn’t tell me they were going to run a cr. ck. What recourse do I
have? JJ

Glenda Page-Quave replied 5 years ago

Great information…only one thing: When shopping for a mortgage or car,
folks can be looking for better credit offers. This means that they all
pull hard inquiries (usually from the same source)….

Barbara Rhodes replied 5 years ago

Why is my score so low when last year it was 721 and higher

Ryu Hadouken replied 5 years ago

There is absolutely no reason for your credit score to decrease from a
check other than the fact that the credit companies just want to do
something evil. You see they want you to have shitty credit so that they
are able to charge more interest on a loan and thus keep you entraped into
endless payments. 

dorobacop replied 5 years ago

I’ll take a look at that section of the site. I think it might be that I
had a charge of $800 but It was reimbursed a few days later. Credit karma
says that my credit utilization is 17% but my credit card is fully paid off
and I even called my credit card company to make sure and they said the
$800 was reimbursed and that I have no payments due on my card. It was paid
of on February 12 of this year

drecanius replied 5 years ago

Let’s be honest did you really want that Philly?

Daniel Luca replied 5 years ago

Thanks so much for the information on the hard credit.

darylstuff replied 5 years ago

what if I applied for a car loan and the dealership pulled my report twice
once for internal financing and once for company financing. these are
showing up as 2 inquries because the names are not the same

Leon Ardelean replied 5 years ago

Just what is wrong with SHOPPING for the right credit grantor? This is how
the normal person does business. If bananas are 75c a pound at store one?
Am I to be penalized for not paying the 75c when I can shop and get them
for 49c> The same principal applies to obtaining credit, just because
someone offers a really good deal and you get screwed by not looking
around, is not a reason to be penalized.

Creatively Connected INC replied 5 years ago

With all the other negative items that affect your credit report we really
don’t need inquiries affecting things too… I wish there was a way we
could protest inquiries because they are useless… and we need to find the
person who came up with idea and stone them, verbally of course. 

Barbara Rhodes replied 5 years ago

Im going to be paying off my cards in may will my score go back up after I
pay them off.

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