Credit disputes-IIB(Chapter 7)

Credit disputes-IIB(Chapter 7)Credit disputes-IIB(Chapter 7)
divanTarma asked 5 years ago

Hi everyone.  First timer here.  Been visiting here awhile.  Now I am in need of help.  Thanks, in advance for your help!


Our Chapter 7 bankruptcy was discharged in August of 2010.  We are planning to purchase our 2nd home(1st home IIB) in 2017 so we inquired about a pre-qual to see exactly where we were at and what more we might need to in order to make a home purchase possible.  With a 697 credit score for me and 657 credit score for my husband,  we were told we would qualify. 


We were also told that there are 5 things that were IIB(one of them a judgement) showing as still open/active…..worth about 60 points on our credit score.  So,  we need to dispute these items or our other option is to pay $ 450.00 fee(with no monthly fee) and have someone get them removed for us, guaranteed in 60 days.  Since we are not planning to buy for another 2 years,  I figured I would have a go at trying to get them removed myself.


My questions about this are:


1.  What kind of success rate is there for removal of these items? 

2.  Can any of this be done online?  Or do these have to be snail mailed?

3.  I have seen somewhere on here a copy of a mock dispute letter.  Can you post the link in this thread, please?

4.  Will the bankruptcy discharge be sufficient?


Thank you very much for your help!



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