Credit Card “Emergency Benefit Payment”

Credit Card “Emergency Benefit Payment”Credit Card “Emergency Benefit Payment”
richeventtver asked 3 years ago

Credit card includes a once yearly “Emergency Benefit Payment” that can be activated to make a minimum monthly payment on our behalf.  We have not used it before, and as we are just making minimum payments on this particular card currently to focus payments elsewhere, we thought we might go for it but are concerned using the benefit will somehow damage our credit score.  Not sure if it reports like a timely payment or there is some sort of alternative flagging that goes on in the background.  Anyone have insight to something like this?


We can pay the bill ourselves.  Our thinking was it’s a “free” (nothing is ever actually free LOL) benefit of the card we never use – if we can use it penalty free and focus that payment elsewhere this month it will help us with out debt free goals a little bit faster!


Thanks for your time!

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