Credit Card debt down nearly $20k

Credit Card debt down nearly $20kCredit Card debt down nearly $20k
RichEventNN asked 4 years ago

While waiting for various statements to post, I got to looking at my excel sheet that I use for tracking CC balances, payments, util, etc…


12/30/15  $ 51,929.10 in CC debt.

02/14/16  $ 32,694.27 in CC debt.


That’s $ 19,243.83 of CC debt paid off in six weeks.  (mostly via a HELOC from my CU)


Got one of those preapproval things from Avant today, went online and filled it out fully expecting another “just kidding” response.


Pre approved for $ 16k.


Do I take the leap and move more CC debt to an installment loan or do I just sit tight and do nothing?

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