Credit Card company reporting death incorrectly

Credit Card company reporting death incorrectlyCredit Card company reporting death incorrectly
asked 5 years ago

Since 2013 I have been batteling Synchrony bank about my Paypal mastercard in which they closed in May 2013. They reported that I had died and refused to handle this matter, they have disabled my online login, canceled my credit card, reported my account as charged off (even though I have tried for 2 years to pay them). I have since had bad credit due to this account being reported as delinquent, and have called many many times and spoke to their customer service department who just keeps telling me this account is in collections and has been charged off. I lay awake at night worried about this debt and dont know what to do, I have recently contacted my local and national news agencies, and most likely will begin to contact lawyers. I’m just wondering if this has happened to anyone else out there?? Thank you for your responses 

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