Crap… did I just screw myself?

Crap… did I just screw myself?Author "ubattoc"Crap… did I just screw myself?
ubattoc asked 5 years ago

I’m going on a vacation in a couple of weeks, and I’ll be staying at a Starwood property.  My SPG card is the last card I opened, and I was only approved with a ridiculous limit of $ 1,000.  That limit at most would pay for a night or two of any hotel I would stay at.  I have a stay coming up that will cost almost 10 times my limit, so I called them and prepaid money on the card so I could use it and get the increased SPG points.  I just realized that my statement date is coming up in a couple of days, and on the American Express website it shows my available credit as $ 10k.  Will this be reported to the credit agencies as my new credit limit this month?  It’s going to drop back down to $ 1,000 as soon as I spend that money.  I’m afraid if that happens it’s going to look bad to my other card issuers.

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