Court Order Garnishment – Never Served or Notified

Court Order Garnishment – Never Served or NotifiedCourt Order Garnishment – Never Served or Notified
AshleyHaumn asked 3 years ago



I am going through a major default in my life. Even though I am employeed, I ended up with 80K debt due to a relapse from severe gambling addiction.

I was no longer able to meet minimum payments as they grew insanely high from 2 payday loans and high interest loans/CCs. I filed for CH7 in 2009 and was discharged in early 2010, so I cannot resort to BK.


Today my HR notified me that there are 2 court orders to garnish my wages, totaling 30%. However, I was never notified as to who sued me or when was my court date, I was never served any papers or notice that I must appear in court. My company is very unhappy that they have to deal with this, but I am wondering what can I do to save my job and avoid this court judgement that I had no idea about.


Please help.


Thank you.

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