Could I qualify? VA home loan

Could I qualify? VA home loanCould I qualify? VA home loan
alinagreiitame asked 4 years ago

1. Mortgage Credit Scores:

  • 637 EQ, 665 TU, 654 EXP

2. Credit Negatives:


  • Type: Two charge offs, Two 30 day late car payments
  • Status: All paid
  • DOFD: 05/11 for the charge offs and 01/11 and 05/12 for the car late
  • Most Recent: car late 05/12

3. Gross Income.  $ 45000


4. Source of income. Job, National Guard, 10% VA disability.


5. Monthly debt payments. $ 200 student 35k in student loans. (Only debt)


6. Employment

  • Type of employment: Federal employee with the Forest service. 


My employment history is my major concern at this moment though some lenders do not believe it will be a problem. I started working for the Department of Veterans affairs 03/09/15 and was terminated 12/07/15. I thankfully just accepted a better position with the Forest Service and will begin that on 03/07/15. Caveats to consider: I receive 10% VA disability, and I have also been with the MO Army National Guard for 11 years and receive a payment from them monthly. I am currently still in school completing my BS degree in Criminal Justice and will be graduating May 2017. I will be working in the CJ field for the Job Corps/Forest Service.


7. Assets/Reserves

  • Savings, $ 2k
  • Checking $ 4k
  • County(s) Stoddard
  • City or zip(s) Dexter 63841

8. Property Description:

  • Single Family home
  • Built in 2011
  • Occupied

9. Property Value

  • $ 140000

10. Occupancy

  • Primary residence

11. Transaction Type.  First time purchase


Please review carefully my employment history and let me know if this will be problematic or if my military service may suffice. Thank you!

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