Costco AMEX switch?

Costco AMEX switch?Costco AMEX switch?
Irenehix asked 4 years ago

I have the Costco AMEX, and I know they are doing away with it soon.  My problem is, I was turned down for a CITI credit card a few months back, so how is that going to work?  I do recall getting a letter in the mail regarding the switch several months ago, and in the letter it said “most people will qualify for the new CITI card”, and “there was no action we needed to take on our part”.  So, is my AMEX just going to close on me, and I won’t get the new CITI Costco card because I was turned down through CITI before?  That’s so screwed up if that’s the case, because obviously it will make a nice big dent in my credit score!!  I also contacted the online chat for AMEX, and was told that I may or may not be offered another AMEX when all this takes place.  Pretty crappy, I don’t understand why AMEX wouldn’t just send out new cards not branded with Costco, especially for customers with good history with them.  This whole ‘switch’  is just going to screw with a lot of peoples’ credit, and it makes me mad becuase we don’t have a choice in the matter.  Errrr!!

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