Convergent HC Recoveries — ILLEGAL practices

Convergent HC Recoveries — ILLEGAL practicesConvergent HC Recoveries — ILLEGAL practices
fashion asked 5 years ago

My husband and I just got hit with no less than 25 SEPARATE collection entries on our Experian and TU.  We have no idea what this is.  The one healthcare bill we had was with one hospital and we have paid all but $ 70 remaining on it (we’ve been paying monthly).  How can this be legal to break down what is assumably one OLD medical bill into 25 different collection accounts (ranging from $ 70-95 and some are even obvious duplicates?  We were in the process of buying a house and this will put us dead in the water!  We are working with MyCreditGroup to repair our credit and I called my rep this morning to have her verify this account and find out what the heck it is.  

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CreditSense replied 5 years ago

Credit Repair vs. Credit Score Optimization´╗┐

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