Continue the app spree or garden?

Continue the app spree or garden?Continue the app spree or garden?
Warrenseene asked 4 years ago

So my profile consists of the following:


Wells Fargo Secured – $ 1000 (October 2014)


October 2015:

Capital One Platinum – $ 300

Discover Chrome -$ 500

VS- $ 150


March 2016:

Home Depot $ 2500

Wayfair $ 750


Should I app for Kohls or TjMaxx? I need some household items for new home and I typically shop for those items @ those stores. Or should I app for another Capital One card? Or barclay? Prequal site is showing Cap one quicksilver one and Barclay has removed prequal site. I want a card to increase my card portfolio, but not sure if I should just wait or pull trigger on one of the above mentioned. My cards I can use at multiple stores only give me $ 1800 to work with. Is it worth it to go after another card? My scores are 631 EX, 624 TU, and 670 EQ. I have an unpaid judgement from 2010. 4 inq on TU, 8 inqs on Ex, and 25 on EQ due to auto loan apps during rebuild, have asked for several CLIs from Capital One but all have been denied. The last email said we are evaluating your spending at current limits. I am a part of the credit steps progrsm and im not sure if that will mean the QS1 will be another cc with a 300-500 limit. I would be fine with that SL for a store card but not an everyday usage card. My income is 120,347. Thoughts or suggestions? Should I app or wait? If app, which one? Is it worth it to lower aaoa?


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