Neila asked 4 years ago

I’ve searched the site & haven’t seen much with anyone dealing with Conns. Looking for some help in what direction I should take.


In Sept 2013, I went to Conn’s to purchase a washer/dryer set and a fridge. I went there because we had just moved across the country and couldn’t afford paying out right for them & our CC at the time were close to being maxed out. Conn’s offered revoloving credit account in store,  and it was  a reasonable  monthly amount. Fast forward 6 month, I paid both things off in full. Nov 2015, I  moved across country again & I sold both of the  items & shreddered my info from them. BIG MISTAKE!! I wanted to purchase a home and pulled my free credit report, guess what, I have 2 CHARGE OFF Accounts from them. I called immediatly when I saw them on my report & of course they don’t show where it was paid off. I was basically told, so sorry, you should have paid your accounts! What should I do? I don’t have  any paper work anylonger. Obviously I don’t want to pay them any more money, the combined amount is only around 2K, but it’s the fact that  I did!!


I’ve been reading these boards, looks like I should send a debt verication letter? Right? Then last resort pay for delete? Thanks

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