Confused on which mortgage scores were pulled

Confused on which mortgage scores were pulledConfused on which mortgage scores were pulled
Williekek asked 5 years ago

Back in April my mortgage lender pulled my scores im a little confused which versions were used i still have the documentation it reads Experian/Fair(Ver 2) =609,Transunion/Fico classic(04) 594 Equiafax/Fico classic v5 Facta 581…I ordered the 3bureau monotoring plan from this site the other day and my mortgage scores have gone up alot…656.671.650 with the work ive been doing but i did notice the fico versions  my mortgage lender pulled have a differnt range Experian says 322-844, Transunion has 309-839, Equaifax 334-818 .The myfico mortgage scores all have a 300-850 range?? Everything else looks like it matches i just want to be sure my mortgage lender pulled the same versions as myfico has given me

Thanks in advance

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