Comenity is gone!

Comenity is gone!Comenity is gone!
NahouseOVarl asked 5 years ago

As many of you know. I am trying to narrow down my portfolio to only the cards that I use.

I also want to reduce my exposure to about 1.5 times my income (160k goal exposure).

With my wife and I combined we will still be at about 300k, so I think we wil be ok. Smiley Very Happy

I have closed my last Comenity account.

I have sent a SM to Chase to close the AARP and transfer the limit to the Freedom.

This will give me a 20k Freedom, 26.5k United and a 15k Marriott.

I am calling Barclay tomorrow to transfer some limit to the arrival and Ring and close both Sallie Maes.

This will give me a 20k Ring and a 15k Arrival.

I will downgrade the Platinum or close it altogether this February.

The urge to app is almost unstoppable, but I have other financial goals for the year and I need to quit apping to get it done


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