Comenity Called me!!

Comenity Called me!!Comenity Called me!!
fashion asked 5 years ago

I have posted before about my Orbtiz Visa by Comenity and it’s been at $ 1050 since I got the account when it was launched which was over a year ago.

I receive denial letters for CLI listing my credit score and report date used being the date the account was opened!

I have wrote before and had a guy looking at it but I gave up because he clearly didn’t have the brain power to handle it!!

Well, I decided last week to try again and send off a letter.

Just received a phone call and she was super nice and was calling to ask if it was okay for them to pull credit for a “Manual Review”

I agreed and she asked if I wanted a specific amount.

I said we can say $ 10k but I’m hoping even by just having the review done and someone being in the account maybe it will kick it back into your computer system so it gets the regular SP updates and I can get CLI the normal Comenity way!

Not sure she will call me back so will have to check it in a day or two or wait for letter.

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