Comenity Bad Service???

Comenity Bad Service???Comenity Bad Service???
MichaelApash asked 4 years ago

Someone used my card on Jan.8. They didn’t block the charges. They didn’t send me an alert. They let the charges to come thru. I didn’t know until the statement come out. I reported the card stolen. I calld the customer service to report he fraud charges. The charges was $ 450. They sent me the new card. I received the card last Friday. The $ 450 is still on the account.  I called the customer service to find out what happe, They couldn’t find out why the charge was still on the account. They transferred me to the fraud dept twice. I held for almost 30 mins. each time. I thought they were busy. So I called them about 11 PM. They were closed. I just called them this morning. I held for 3 mins. I got thru the line. They told me they need to cancel the new card to remove the charge. I told them iit’s fine to send a new to remove the fraud charge. I still haven’t received the letter. I was supposed to sign something not to responsible for the fraud charge. It should have been not a problem with other issuers like Amex. There is no way to call the fraud except early in the morning. It is not good card to have in case someone used your card.




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