Comenity Account Shutdown

Comenity Account ShutdownComenity Account Shutdown
Williekek asked 5 years ago

2 days ago I posted that my Comenity Total Rewards was granted a APR reduction to 14.24% – today I checked the account and they shut it down (it was my only Comenity account).


Ain’t that a kick in the butt !


Nothing has changed, not my scores or credit report or utility. No lates, no derogs, strong scores, etc, etc. 


Funny thing is I don’t even care – I really don’t. I’m thinning my deadwood out anyway and need to kill at least 6 more cards this year so that made it easy for me. I like the card because I spend time at Ceasars properties, but it’s no loss otherwise and I still have over $ 225k in unused revolving limits. At least I no longer have to deal with Comenity.


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