Collections Account vs. Accounts Ever Late

Collections Account vs. Accounts Ever LateCollections Account vs. Accounts Ever Late
ubattoc asked 5 years ago

Hello, a few months after dating my girlfriend, she told me her credit was really bad and she had unpaid debt.  I was very afraid of what she was about to show me.  When I saw her bills, they were all medical bills from a kidney stone issue when she was 18.  Apparently her mom told her that she would take care of it and never did, and she was never taught how to handle these situations.  I was very relieved to see that none of them were credit debt, so she didn’t have a spending problem, haha.  Well, for the past year, her credit had slowly been going up to a FICO score of just below 700.  A couple months back I saw that her credit dropped to the low 600s.  When I looked at the report to see the difference, I noticed that the only difference was that when we were paying off her bills, the “accounts ever late” number stayed at 10, while the “collections accounts” category was going down and finally went to 0 when we paid them all off.  Well, her most recent reports are all of a sudden showing 10 “accounts ever late” AND 10 “collections accounts.”  So my question is whether the “Collections Accounts” category should only be showing accounts currently in collections, as it was doing for the past couple years, or if it corrected itself and “collections accounts” will show all accounts that were ever in collections.  Which, I guess would be strange, because then I don’t see the difference between “collections accounts” and “accounts ever late.”


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