Collection that just won’t drop

Collection that just won’t dropCollection that just won’t drop
LizzieMer asked 4 years ago

In 2012 I started to work on my reports to close on a house, I had one bogus collection from Cspire that should have never been there. After battling the collection agency for months, I ran out of time and has to pay it anyways just to close. After a BBB dispute they basically said they could not get information to support their claim as being mine, and agreed to delete tradeline from my reports. Well it’s still here in 2016 on TU and Experian, disputes do nothing and the CA won’t respond at all. This is continuing to hurt my credit, and chance of getting decent rates. What are my next options?


The CA goes my multiple names: Asset Acceptance/Mountain State Adjustments/MS Services


I have the letter from them through the BBB dispute, but the diputes through TU and Exp did nothing. 


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