Collection reported in error

Collection reported in errorCollection reported in error
RichEventNN asked 5 years ago

This is the shizz that makes people want to sue. A couple of weeks ago I get an alert that my credit score dropped 24 points (!!!) and when I log in to see why, I find a collection listed. Look up the collection company (Credit Management LP), call them, and find out that it’s an $ 11.41 bill from Time Warner cable. The exact amount of my final bill with them from when I canceled service last fall. The exact amount that I paid in their office on November 7. The exact amount that I have proof of payment for via my credit card statement. I call the collection company and they tell me to send them a copy of my CC statement showing payment to Time Warner. Done. Call them last week and they assure me they’ve sent the proof of payment to TW to verify. Call back today and this **bleep** gets argumentative saying no, I owe $ 11.41, even after I sent the receipt and that I need to pay it now. Call TW back and get a very helpful guy who knows exactly what to do.. He opens a ticket, gives me the ticket #, and says it should be over to the collection company within 72 hours showing I do not owe anything. Of course, then I have to wait for the collection company to have it removed from my credit reports, and hope and pray that TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax restore my points and I get my credit score back. I want to just cry. I never ever ever got a collection notice from Time Warner OR the collection company. It just showed up on my report. I truly thank God that I had completed my mortgage application a week prior, so when they ran my credit it wasn’t on there yet. Nobody at Time Warner can tell me why it was sent to collections and they all say that they can see the payment in their system. I have not had one late payment on anything since my bankruptcy two years ago, much less a collection!!! I want to sue Time Warner for sending it to collections in the first place, I want to sue the collection company for not removing it even after I faxed them proof of payment, and I want them all to go screw themselves. Except Matt, the helpful guy I spoke with today (unless this still doesn’t get taken care of, and then he’s on my list, too!!!!).

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