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eeyowidoego asked 4 years ago

Hello all,


I have 2 remaining collections on my reports. Currently, my scores sit at 627/617/619 with 41% UTL (currently reporting), my UTL will be <1% once Capital One reports my $ 3000 payment. I should see a point increase. But I know for certain these collections are increasingly holding me back from decent credit. Here they are:


Midland Funding LLC.

$ 0 Collection

PIF- Settled account 

It was initially $ 723, but paid it off completely about 3months ago. I had no choice, they where sending capias warrant notices to my house. 


Midland Funding LLC

$ 329.00

Original Owner: Citi (Gas card) <–According to Credit Karma


I tried calling Citi to see if I can pay what I owed in hopes of them recalling the debt. But they cannot find a file on it, and/or they sold the debt off and it is no longer theirs. I tried emailing the CEO of Citi in hopes of a GW, in exchange for me repaying the $ 329.00. No reply yet. Midland Funding sucks I’ve heard, and I am unsure on how to do this. I would pay off my final Citi debt via Citi or Midland if they removed it, but even if I did, I dont know if they will do it. And if they dont, what do I do? Just take the hit for the next 3-4 years?


What options do I have guys? I am so close to rebuilding my credit that I screwed up when I was younger. 

Anyone have a backdoor Citi #? 

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