Collection paid to OC – what’s next?

Collection paid to OC – what’s next?Collection paid to OC – what’s next?
LizzieMer asked 5 years ago

History: So I’ve had a tuition debt belonging to Conserve since 2014 that I’ve posted about before. From what I’ve found, they do not PFD, and are generally difficult to deal with and therefore I have avoided contact with them. The OC, my alma mater, did not want to make an arrangement to pay in full to pull the debt back from the CA, and I thought I was at a dead end.

Presently: I was looking to request a copy of my diploma so I could frame it, and in the billing system at my old school the unpaid debt was showing under the latest statement, with the option to pay. So I paid it.

The new statement will cut tomorrow with a $ 0 balance, and I am curious what others results have been when they paid the OC directly and never dealt with the CA? Is it likely that the OC will pull the account back from the CA simply because the debt no longer exists? Do I have recourse to dispute the entry from Conserve since I paid the school directly and never interfaced with them? If so, what reason do I provide to the CRA?

Thanks everyone!

Clarification: it was a tuition bill, NOT a loan. The original debt was not covered by loans of any kind.

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