Collection Mistake

Collection MistakeCollection Mistake
Yaltahelp asked 5 years ago

Last year, I went into the emergency room and the hospital failed to bill the right medical insurance.  I send them information to correct this when the first medical bill came in nearly 6 months later both in mail and online.  Four months later, a creditor gets a hold of it.  I explain the situation to them and offer to give them my medical information that was valid for that date.  They stated they couldn’t use that.  Instead they needed a letter from them.  I contacted the hospital, and they said the creditor they sent it to has the ability to bill the right medical insurance.  I call them back and tried again….but they went on and on how they have sent me 4 letters (I only received one) and multiple phone calls with messages (only once did they contact me).  They said they needed the letter in 45 days or it would be reported on my credit.  After a ton of run around with getting the original bill from the hospital and sending it to my insurance and all this back and forth stuff….the letter is on it’s way.  The creditor hit all THREE with this collection this month though so my score plummetted about 50 points a piece.  I called them to explain the letter is on it’s way and I need the collection off of my credit since it was never my fault but they are refusing.  I tried to gain some empathy from them explaining it prevented me from closing on a house out of state so I could care for my ill mother (yes, this has been a nightmare) and they told me maybe I should have thought about that before.  So my question is, what are my options?  How do I get this off of all three reports and get my score back up.  Attorney? Dispute? …. ???

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