Collection – almost removed – FINALLY

Collection – almost removed – FINALLYCollection – almost removed – FINALLY
MerrillSab asked 4 years ago

I had a collection that was not mine reporting to all 3 CBs. I disputed multiple times, sent DV letters – no response, ever… Finally I filed a complaint with the CFPB. They submitted but came back as needing more time. Through great advise here, I finally went after the OC. Researched, tracked and found EO contact info. After almost 2 years of fighting I recieved a response from the CFPB today stating the CA would remove the collection. If I did not find help here I am certain this insanity would continue. I am pretty excited to see how much my score jumps and will post. Hopefully this will be quick. I have read jumps of over 100 points that would put me over 760 and I will have met my goals. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to ALL

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