Collection agency/AT&T issue

Collection agency/AT&T issueCollection agency/AT&T issue
Warrenseene asked 5 years ago

hello all, new to the forums and on mobile, so I apologize for any formatting issues.  Recently when I pulled my credit report, a collection agency “enchanted recovery co” appeared on behalf of AT&T.  It is for about 250 dollars, I immediately called AT&T and asked them about the collection as I have not had AT&T for over 3 years now and why this randomly popped up on my report.  They said they had no access to the account in question and could not find any final bill.  When I closed with them 3 years ago, I did it at a retail store and was given a paper showing a 0 balance. 

     They said I had to deal with enhanced recover.  My big issue with what’s going on is not about the money but I’m in the final process of my dream job, something I’ve been working hard for and they DO pull a credit report and they do not want to see any outstanding account.  Not only that but I have been working hard trying to build a strong credit, which has been a long process.  So I am in a pickle and am asking for your advice on how I should proceed.  Sending a DV letter I’m guessing is a lengthy process, but might clear my name, ask them for pay to delete (from what I heard from this company in question, will prob be no), dispute it with the CA, or just pay it so I don’t have the outstanding balance so nothing interferes with me getting my job.  Any help, tips or advice will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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