Collection agency call, what could it be?

Collection agency call, what could it be?Collection agency call, what could it be?
Thomasvef asked 5 years ago

Hello everyone,


I received a missed call this afternoon on my cellphone from a collection agency. They had left a general message; upon looking up the CA, I found out the agency specializes is healthcare, government, & utility collections.


A back story on what it may be…last year end of July, while on vacation in Las Vegas, I suffered an episode in which I went into the ER of Spring Valley Hospital. I was never admitted but when through a battery of tests that lasted about 18 hours. Almost 2 months later, I received a full bill payable immediately for the full amount of around $ 23k. We have health insurance that is suppose to pay 100% except for a $ 150 deductible. I called the hospital and found out the claim was submitted incorrectly; should have been as an out-of-state claim. The guy I spoke asked me what he wanted me to do. I guess its real hard nowadays to think for oneself and actually see the obvious that is righ in front of them. Did I also mention SVH phone reps were rude & lack empathy. I got treated like a deadbeat, receiving endless robo-calls & text messages to pay up.


After several more months of back & forth between our insurance company & their representatives in the State of Nevada, (I stopped dealing with the hospital directly, not even an apology after them making the mistake to begin with) I finally got a correct bill in mid-November 2014 for just the $ 150 co-pay which I paid promptly.


I looked up my account on SVHs website and do not see a balance. I am assuming if the account has been referred to collections, it will say $ 0.00. Do I have any legal recourse to file against anyone for again, another huge hassle of cleaning up their mess? Any insight would be appreciated.

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