Collection Acct Removed? Why?

Collection Acct Removed? Why?Collection Acct Removed? Why?
ubeposapes asked 4 years ago

So I just checked my report on creditkarma today, and one of my collections accounts was removed? I know that sometimes CA will sell accounts to other CA. However, I was planning to mail out TX DV letters to a few of my CA, and this was one of them…so should I still do that now? It just said that the account was removed, but only from my TU, it still shows on Experian.  This very same CA was removed from my report in January 2015 and was re-added at some point. So I do understand that they could just “re-add/report” again.


It is a medical debt, if that matters. I’d just go straight to the OC but the debt is from 2010, so I’m not sure that they’d be able to help at this point.  All advice is welcome, as I’m really just starting to work on CR.

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