Collection Accounts on Credit Report

Collection Accounts on Credit ReportCollection Accounts on Credit Report
germuserfaysupp asked 5 years ago

I need help figuring out what to do with three collection accounts showing on my reports.

Help in the sense of what i should be ding…i.e. DV letters? PFD?

The CRA have all “validated” debts from my previous disputes BUT i  have never sent the CAs Debt Validation letters.

Is that something i should do first?

They are as follows:

1. AD Astra Recovery Services Date Opened 06/2012; DLA 10/11 Amount $ 1870.00 (Date reported 2/2015-from my March 20th credit report run by mortgage broker);

Collection Account assigned 06/2012 (this is on ALL three reports);


2. California Business Date Opened 02/2011; DLA 10/2010 Amount $ 1461.00 (this is medical bill) (date reported also 02/2015)

Collection Assigned 02/2011

Reporting on all three reports


3. AWA Collections  Date opened 05/2011 Original amount $ 281.00, current past due $ 354.00 (OC is AAA-they placed car insurance on car i no longer owned)

date reported was also 02/2015

This is only reporting on Experian


I just am not sure what my options are for dealing with these people (CAs)? 

For example AWA Collections for a AAA bill that was incorrect… i call them and offer $ 75.00 for PFD? and see what they say?

Same for the medical collection?

I am just unsure what i should be doing and how to deal with these people (if i can call them “people”).

TY for any suggestions.

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