Cold apping for the Cap One QS, vs. Venture?

Cold apping for the Cap One QS, vs. Venture?Cold apping for the Cap One QS, vs. Venture?
asked 4 years ago

I’m not keeping a database on this, of course, but it seems like I see so many people apping for the QS and getting 3-5k approvals, where others with very similar profiles are getting Ventures for 10-20k SL. I had mid 600 scores across the board when I cold apped for the Venture and Venture 1. I had no preapprovals. Got the Venture for $ 15k and the V1 for $ 7.5k within days of each other. I was shocked. I was actually glad I didn’t app for the QS first. I’ve now also got a QS Signature Visa with $ 11k CL, after combining two old cards and a PC from Journey to the QS. To me it’s just something I noticed. If I were looking for the max SL, I would go for the Venture, after what I’ve seen, vs the QS.. Obviously, if one has a preapproval, that’s different, as it’s more of a bird in hand. Anyone else notice this too?

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